Monday, November 15, 2010


One more...

Noel and I have felt the gentle calling for a while to the possibility of another child in our family. Actually Louis started talking about it shortly after he arrived home and was able to speak it - I vividly remember a conversation over breakfast when he asked, "will there be any more children in our family?" And his next statement - he expressed that he thought another little girl like Lily would be great. We did not think that was what God had for us during those first few months with 3 kids, but He has a way of getting us to say "yes" a little bit at a time. Those little yes(es) turned into a desire and the desire turned into a name and the name turned into a sweet baby girl from the Henan Province in China. SO - here we go - God adventure/adoption #4 - Esther JOY Tugwell. She is 18 months old and we will prayerfully welcome her to her forever family in 2011.

We are praying for some other families....
We really believe there are some families that we could encourage to take the adoption adventure with us! Is that you???

JOYfully His,
for all of us at home and in China:))
Noel, Lori, Louis, Lily, Silas, and Esther JOY